"We’re inspired by the region we’re in and get a feel for what could work."


We have always been intrigued with food and flavours. We’re inspired by the region we’re in and get a feel for what could work. Being located in 12 Mile, surrounded by Mango orchards, obviously Mangos play a huge part in our food and products at the Mango Place.


The peace and tranquility of this 12 mile property greets you on arrival. It is an oasis of endless delights. Sit under the shade trees, enjoy a wine, look around our shop, take a leisurely wander along the Rainbow Walk Trail.
What can you do with a Mango?
Lots of experimenting with beautiful Broome Mangoes has produced an extensive range of unique mango products. From homemade icecream to chutney and sauces… Visit The Mango Place to taste the different creations.
Indulge in a mango wine tasting afternoon. Sip a truly delicious mango smoothie or enjoy freshly ground coffee with a slice of mango liqueur cake in the tropical surrounds of The Mango Place.
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